DATE OF PARTY:  Friday, January 12, 2018

END OF PARTY:    Friday, January 26, 2018


My name is Jane Smith.  My cat's name is Sue.  She's like my best friend.  She's always at my side.

Guest Instructions on How to Place an Online Order


Placing an order is easy as pie and following the steps below is crucial in order for your hostess to get credit for everything you purchase.

1)Print out an Order Form below by clicking on the link provided.



2)Begin Shopping by clicking on any of the links to my products or my shops provided below:

Bath & Body And Candles

Cardmaking And Scrapbooking

Coffee, Tea And Sweets

Crochet Handbagas and Fabric Handbags


Home Decor

Gifts and Gift Wrapping

3)As you shop, pay for your purchases and record each purchase on the Paper Form you printed out.


4)When you are done shopping fill out the Electronic Order Form. 


Submit the order form to your hostess along with copies of each receipt.  


(There will be no extra charges.  This electronic Form and your receipt(s) is how your hostess will be credited for your sale.)    

****Remember, if you make any more purchases you must follow the steps above for each transaction you make.****

8)Order Complete

Owner, Joan Nicholes


Phone Number:  281-608-0013​


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How The Hostess Is Given Credit For Her Online Party Sales

Instructions For Hostess

Orders are tallied easily and methodically by following the few steps below.

1)The hostess and/or each guest will fill out their orders on the Electronic Order Form privided above and submit it for processing to the hostess's email address found at the top of this page.

2) The orders will be placed in a manilla folder until the two week period of the party is up.


3) On the last day of the party each order received by the hostess will then be sent to: 

4) Each order total will be placed on a spreadsheet and tallied. 

(See Sample Spreadsheet Here.)


5) The completed spreadsheet will be sent the hostess and she will have earned her free gifts.

6)  Hostess gifts will be delivered (locally), sent digitally, or shipped by USPS (if hostess agreed to pay postage on physical items).

7) Order process complete.

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Joan Nicholes, Owner
Phone:  281-608-0013
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