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If you enjoy a good manicure or pedicure, then you will love our retreats.  With each retreat you will have the opportunity to have a professional manicure or pedicue.

In your  Spa Welcome Package, you will receive a duo pack of Avon Gel Top Coat and 7-in-One Nail Enamel in one of 11 shades.  The look you will get is professional and satisfying.  Click on the link below to see what you will be getting.

Avon Duo Pack Top Coat & Enamel

You will also receive a luxurious hand cream and foot cream.

If you want a manicure or pedicure come with clean nails and let the hotel resort transform them into something magnificent.  They look will be stunning. 

Each hotel resort will have their own list of spa services and prices.

I will try to post them when available.

Each hotel resort will have their own set of messages to chose from.  Each price will vary according to the hotel itself.

Luxuriate in a message that provides essential oils, or one that uses herbs and botanicals.  Each one will sweep you away into a bliss you will never want to leave.

Maybe you prefer a stone message.  Most hotels will provide this service .

You have such a selection you will not be disappointed.

In your Spa Welcome Package you will receive a Sugar Scrub Kit in which you will make  your own sugar scrub to pamper your entire body.  You will receive a bottle of essential oils which you will keep and use in your bath and shower time and time again. 


Each hotel resort will have their own list of spa services and prices.

I will try to post them when available.

Are you looking for a new hairstyle, a facial, or maybe a make over?

The hotel resorts will provide a complete salon experience.  You can have your hair cut and styled.  Or you can have a complete make-over and facial.

It's all up to you.  You'll have such a hard time making a decision.  But in the end it will be all worth it.

You will leave the salon feeling beautiful and glorified.  You will want to relive the experience over and over again.

In your Spa Welcom Package you will receive one of many facial masks.  Use it on your first night here and feel how it works on your skin.

This is a spa experience you'll never forget.

Each hotel resort will have their own list of spa services and prices.

I will try to post them when available.

Your Spa Welcome Package comes with everything a woman needs to pamper herself for a weekend or even beyond.

You will receive each of the following: (Price will vary depending on product chosen at the time of your retreat)

Click on each product listed below to view the product details.

1 Tote Bag

Body Gel Or Body Wash

Body Lotion


Fingernail Enamel & Top Coat

Face Mask

Go Haul Out 3 Piece Gift Set


Avon Solution Face Cream (1 of 3 blends)

Avon Foot works Lavender 3 in 1  Pampering Oil


Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm

Hand Cream

I Sugar Scub Kit

1 Package of Coffee

 2 Wash Cloths

1 Hand Towel

1 Beach Towel

1 Pair Socks/Slippers

1 Aromatherapy Necklace

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

1 WWL Retreats T-Shirt

Other Items Not Listed

Listen to soothing spa music

You will love everything you receive in your welcome package.

I will try to keep costs down as much as possible to make it affordable for everyone.

There will be 2 Spa Gift Basket Drawings and 1 Coffee Gift Basket Drawing.  1 per Day/Night.

Play Bingo and Win 1 of 2 Spa Gift Baskets or 1 Coffee Gift Basket (Completely Optional).

Check out our Spa Kit of the Month for individual purchase.

A new weekend retreat will be held every other weekend.

You must be 21 years of age or older to participate in any of our retreats.

You must register no later than 3 weeks before the retreat date.  No exceptions.  This will allow plenty of time to book the reservations for the hotel and to purchase the products for the Spa & Craft Welcome Packages.

Clik Here to view a complete list of upcoming retreats.

Expect to have fun and enjoy yourself.

The retreat can be for one person, two people, small groups, large groups, church groups, work groups, friends, families.  It doesn't  matter who your are, just feel free to book a retreat.

There will be at least two people per room with 2 Queen Size Beds to help cut the cost of the hotel room.  If you have at least 4 people, you may split the cost 4 way and sleep 4 in a room with 2 Queen Size Beds.

When you get to the hotel, you will receive your Spa Welcome Package during a Meet & Greet Coffee, Tea & Sweets gathering where you can meet other women who have joined the retreat.

You will be able to form new friendships and learn all about each other during the meet & greet session.

A full itinerary will be given to  you at your time of arrival.

Aside from pampering yourself, you will be able to use the hotels swiming pool, work your crafts, use the Spa Fitness Center,, ride a bicycle on the beach or any number of things

You may click the link below to see what an itinerary will look like.  We will have a full schedule.

Your Craft Welcom Package will be filled with all the craft things you love.  Products and pricing will vary.  

You will receive any or all of the products listed below.

1 Craft Basket





Washi Tape


Modge Podge

Tacky Glue

Elmers Glue

Glue Sticks

Jewelry Glue

Fabric Glue




Paint Brushes

Planner Book

Digital Planner Stickers

Scrapbook Kit (Physical Item)

Card Kits (Physical Item)

Digital Cards (10)

Digital Gift Tags (25)

Digital Paper Packs

Many More Digital Items

Decoupage Kits

Tote Bag to Decorate

Each package will be sold individually as a Kit Of The Month.  You can purchase each new kit as it is introduced at the beginning of the month.  Orders will be placed at the end of the month.  And hopefully shipped the followng week if all supplies are in at the time.

You will also receive some of the gifts from the Spa Welcome Package suck as:

Beach Towel

Wash Cloths 

Hand Towels/Paper Towels

1 WWL Retreats T-Shirt

And Other Items not listed

I will be on hand during all craft sessions to help and/or assist in any way you may need

Enjoy special gift drawings during each craft session.

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